Mira Erda is India’s first female formula racer. She is fast enough to reach the podiums on a regular basis, she is tight around the corners and oh my, she is really - really cute.


The first time we saw Mira was in a Formula 4 car at the JK Tyre National Racing Championship. She made an instant impression on us being the first female formula racer from India, but as that novelty wore of we got to see her skill around the track and, we were most definitely impressed. This young woman is talented, hard working and going to take the speedy world of racing by storm.

FHM: Mira, tell us a little bit about yourself? Where were you born? What was your childhood like?
Mira: I was born in Vadodara, Gujarat. My childhood was all about racing. I started Go-Kart racing when I was 8 years old. Ever since then, I’ve been passionate about racing and enjoyed speedy cars. When I turned 9 my dreams came true in my childhood itself, I started driving fast cars at a professional level all over India.


How did you get into formula racing?
After racing in Go Karts at JK Tyre National Karting Championship for 5 years I wanted to take my career a little ahead. For that, I first learned to drive a normal road car. Then I got professionally trained in the formula cars, and now I have been racing in Formula 4 cars for round about 4 years now.


So what is it like to drive a formula racing car?
It's a totally a different experience. The handling of the car is much better and different from the Go Karts. The higher speeds are the more exciting it is. Once I get in my formula car, it feels so good that I forget about everything in my life, and just keep pushing the car to its limit, while racing with my competitors. It happens every time I'm on the race track.


Have you ever crashed? What did it take for you to get back in the car after the mishap?
Yes, of course. I have had few crashes. But none of them were that dangerous or serious. And, I'm always focused on getting better every time, trying out new things out in the car. Many times, while pushing the car to its limit, I have met with accidents. That is why I just take every accident as just a learning lesson. I tell myself that this is the limit of the car, and a part of racing. There is no space for fear. I just get up and motivate myself again and tell myself let's do it again!


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