Renault has loaded up on ammunition, has got its target in sight and is all set to get into a war... Let’s get down and dirty in the trenches with their latest Commander in Chief: the Captur.



They say men win wars. I say solid strategy and precision timing claims victory before the first shot is fired. And when the war is won, everyone bows down to the king, but it’s always the kingmaker who plans the game, executes it and leads his side to victory. Over the last few years, Renault has been cruising its way through the Indian automotive market and the car buyers have been lapping up the Renault Duster and the Kwid in an unprecedented manner. But behind these two kings of Renault, there is a kingmaker who has been pulling the strings for this French brand in India. And Renault’s ace up their sleeve is Sumit Sawhney, the Captain of this French brand, who has been giving his competitors sleepless nights with one magical product after another. And now, pushing up standards and setting new milestones, Sawhney is introducing a brand new king for the Indian roads: the Captur. To make your life easy, we got behind the wheel of this hot crossover. But is it really hot? Read on…



Finally we get a set of wheels that doesn’t shy away from flaunting its great looks. This might be the most cliched statement, but the Captur actually manages to capture your attention from the word go. With a sleek exterior and flowing lines, this crossover literally glides its way through. Though the Captur leans more towards an SUV architecture, it doesn’t let the archetypal language of butch and boxy come in the way of its design. What really works for the Captur is an array of fluidic cuts, woozy swoops and twisty curves of its body that lend it a very aesthetic and trendy feel. With a plush interior and an extremely desirable looking instrument cluster and dash, the Captur definitely scores high in the looks department.

In the world of blacks and greys, the Captur comes across as a refreshing whiff of tangerine that simply takes your breath away.


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