About an year back, we had written about the Jeep Wrangler, an SUV that was beyond capable. And now, we’re back with another baby from the Jeep stable. Wait… is it fair to call the Compass a baby? Maybe it’s more of a beast. But then, only pretentious posers need fancy adjectives. I think we should call the Compass just what it is, a true blue offroader that’s also comfortable on road.



If only I had known that my time with the Jeep Compass would coincide with one of the worst downpours Mumbai had seen in years... About a month back, after hearing too many good things about the new SUV from Jeep, I decided to get hold of the Compass and check out it’s ratio of marketing is to the real deal. Being from Kerala and specifically from the district of Wayanad, I have seen my fair share of bare-bone off roaders crushing it through tea plantations and coffee estates to reach spots where Google Maps shows no roads and our networks get lost. So with the aim to throw the Compass in a bare-knuckle, no rules fight, I decided to drive down to my hometown from Mumbai in this ‘baby’ Jeep.



With almost 1200 kms of arrow straight highway between me and Wayanad, the first leg of my journey was nothing but all about going full throttle. With our trucker bothers playing a game of moving slaloms, I had more than enough opportunities to swerve in and out from one end of the tarmac to another at speeds that I am ashamed to talk about. But more than the speed or the dexterity of the Compass, what caught my attention was the absolute stillness in the cabin while making these maneuvers. With minimum body roll, the Jeep Compass manages to pull off a feat that not many SUVs in this segment can claim to achieve.



Unfortunately due to rains, I managed to hit quite a few patches of heavy traffic on our journey and our 1200 km drive was peppered with several high speed runs, lazy crawls and simple standstill modes! This gave me ample time to experience the plush interiors of the Compass and the one thing that really caught my eye was the gear knob. With a nice matt silver coloured finish, maybe bordering on platinum, it has a spherical shape which caresses the palm of your hand with a deft touch.


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