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AMG GT Roadster

Get ready for an adrenaline-packed ride as we take you on a tour of the hottest convertibles for summer.

AMG GT Roadster

It all starts with the noise. That glorious V8 soundtrack being transmitted to my ears directly, uncorrupted by any metal over my head- the ultimate surround sound effect!  The sound of the twin turbo V8 in the AMG GT Roadster makes the hair at the back of your neck stand up and I might get deaf but I don't care. We might associate the V8 engine with America and its muscle cars but the truth is, the Germans, specifically AMG, have made it into an art form. Sans roof, the sensory overload in the GT Roadster is even more. I think I have found my new ringtone. Yet that is just the start as the accompanied acceleration amidst all that V8 roar, is like a can of Red Bull shot intravenously through your veins. With 469 horses on tap, the GT Roadster will alter your hairstyle in a flash. 0-100 km/h takes place in just 4 seconds.

Yet once you are done waking everyone in your vicinity, you can also cruise around. It is well equipped and has all the luxuries you want. Yes, it is a bit wide and the bonnet stretches for miles but you get used to it. What you don’t get used to it though, is the stunning looks. The long bonnet, short and stubby rear with the classic sports car proportion makes the AMG GT Roadster a head-turner unlike any other. Be prepared for stares. And camera flashes. At Rs 2.3 cr, it would be wrong to think of the AMG GT Roadster as just another car as much as it is a getaway to an experience not matched by anything else out there.

Audi A5 Cabriolet

You do not drive this car as much as sink into its mood. The classy and subtle styling which errs on the right side of flash to the gorgeous cabin which is built with meticulous attention to detail; it's all built to soothe your senses. You drop the canvas top, put on some Jazz and cruise around and that dear reader, is the A5 Cabriolet way of driving. Plus unlike most of its ilk, the A5 Cabriolet has proper useable rear seats which means you can take more of your friends on that late night cruise to Marine Drive.

It is also comfortable to be used as a daily and does not come with diva-like tantrums associated with sports cars. It has a 2.0 diesel which is near silent but that also means you can take long road trips without stopping for fill-ups or even how nicely the engine copes with everyday affairs.

So yes, a convertible that offers a proper wind-in-the-hair experience without asking too much in return. At Rs 68 lakh, it is also surprisingly well priced considering others in the sector. There is a lot of Audi method in this convertible madness then and we recommend the A5 Cabriolet as that second or third car which you can enjoy driving at weekends top-down without looking like a jerk doing so.


Porsche 911 Cabriolet

How do you keep perfecting the art of making sports cars for years and years? Ask Porsche as they are the masters at this. They have been tinkering with their pride and joy for years now and somehow every new 911 ends up being better than the last one. Even in cabriolet form, the 911 is a hoot to drive with the perfect balance and feeling of being connected to the road as only a 911 can do.  The new turbo engine which is standard along with its, frankly, amazing PDK gearbox gives the 911 Cabrio a muscularity in its power delivery yet it does not miss that revvy engine note which a 911 has always been famous for. The day we drove it, it rained cats and dogs (not uncommon in Mumbai) but the 911 with cloth top firmly shut was akin to driving the coupe with nothing filtered in.

It is also remarkably comfortable and after the end of the drive, I was not tearing my hair out in frustration nor needing a back surgery. Like any Porsche, the clinical precision in the 911 is just something worth admiring. It is regarded as the world’s best sports car and even in cabriolet form it does not disappoint; delivering the thrills without the spills. At Rs 1.5 Cr this is a car which every petrol head having the required moolah should consider.


Written and Compiled by Somnath Chatterjee

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