Around the world in 12 beers

Around the world in 12 beers

1. Weihenstephaner, Wheat, Germany

The beer is mildly sweet with very little bitterness. Spicy fruitiness on the palate with intense clove and banana aromas. 

2. Marstons Pedigree, Pale, England

It has a dry hop aroma with a full range of complex flavours. The melding of nut, fruit and winey flavours create a smooth and very drinkable satisfying whole.

3. Tsingtao, Lager, China

It has a pleasant aroma and a well-balanced taste. Its high-malty flavour and well-hopped character make Tsingtao a refreshing complement to any Chinese meal. 

4. Asahi, Dry, Japan

Medium-light gold under a large white shortish lasting head and some blobby lace. Faint metallic sappy hops aroma. Faintly sweet with more bitter start and a light bitter in the end.

5. Estrella Damm, Pilsner, Spain

Golden, with amber tones and a few green highlights. The dark roasted notes give it personality and its final flavour. Smooth in the mouth, it fills the palate with dense notes of toasted cereals.

6. Budweiser Budvar, Lager, Czech

The 700-year tradition of producing this beer and the exclusive 90-day maturing period enhance its uniqueness- a drink for real connoisseurs. 

7. Bavaria, Pilsner, Germany

Naturally, pure water and finest hops produce a deliciously refreshing beer. Softly malty and lightly happy, with hints of stewed apple and a dry happy finish. 

8. Amstel Light, Lager, Netherlands

Malty, buttery nose with a good punch of hops. Biscuity malt and spicy hops dominate the palate while the long, bittersweet finish has some good hop notes. 

9. Paulaner original, Lager, Germany

An aromatic beer with a fresh taste; initially acidulous, a malty taste develops in the mouth, with a hoppy aftertaste. A distinctive, harmonic taste of hops and the delicate bitter aroma. 

10. Erdinger Weissbier, Wheat, Germany

It is brewed using fine yeast according to a traditional recipe. It takes three to four weeks for Erdinger Weissbier ‘with fine yeast’ to mature and the result is quite simply the wheat beer par excellence.

11. Fruli, Fruitesse, Belgium

It is a unique blend of white beer and strawberry juice. The juice complements the zestiness of the wheat beer and the result is a balanced and refreshing beer.

12. Duvel, Blonde Ale, Belgium

The secret of its success lies in using only best-quality ingredients, and in the well balanced, very specific, complex brewing and refermentation process that takes over 90 days. 

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