Blissful Indulgence: Moscow Mule

Blissful Indulgence: Moscow Mule

You beseeched the rain God for thunder and rescuing you from the scorching summer heat. So, don’t let the weather rule out and dampen your weekend plans. Soak up in the rain and enjoy the weather sipping this exclusive monsoon cocktail we foraged for you. The cocktail is an art curated by mixologists who specialise in blending flavours. So, to bring in the concoction of pleasing aroma and long-lasting flavour, what can be better than the classic Moscow mule to beat the monsoon gloom?

Traditionally served in a copper mug, this drink currently tops our list for this season. The subtle spicy ginger flavour adds warmth to the drink, making it an idle cocktail for a cold dull day. Add 15 ml of fresh ginger juice and 100 ml of ginger beer to a cocktail shaker. This tropical plant, which is long known for its aphrodisiac properties will boost your metabolism and is a perfect mood elevator. Combine it with a dash of lime, approximately 25ml. To add on to the alcohol game, blend it with 45ml of Vodka. Finally, to enhance the mint freshness, add 30 ml of coriander syrup. The syrup can be effortlessly made by boiling sugar and water and adding coriander leaves and black pepper to it.

The result is a range of multiple flavours blessing your taste buds at a single time and leaving you revitalised. The cocktail is strong yet smooth and you’ll hardly notice the punch as you sip the cocktail down. There are various takes to this fine cocktail. On replacing the vodka with tequila, the amalgamation is called Mexican mule. It is called Jamaican or Cuban mule if you switch the vodka with rum. On mixing sake, which is a classic version of Japanese rice wine, the cocktail becomes Chinese mule, another satiating version of Moscow mule.

What You Need

• Ginger juice
• Ginger beer
• Lemon juice
• Vodka
• Coriander syrup
• Cocktail shaker
• Ice cubes

Story By: Anshika Seth, Intern at FHM India 

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