Brew Your Perfect Coffee

Brew Your Perfect Coffee

This brewed beverage has been playing an important role since the 15th century. from bitter to sweet to black, it has made people addicted to its flavour, but very few know how to prepare the perfect cup of coffee. we ask a chef to give us few tips that will better the taste

1. Derive 30 ml espresso shot from 7 gm (+/- 0.5 gm) of fresh ground coffee.
2. Extraction time should not be more than 18-30 seconds.

Café Au Lait
1. Use filter coffee over an espresso shot and steamed milk will taste best.
2. There are no absolutes here. You can try different variations of milk to coffee proportion.

Irish coffee
1. Warm the glass under running hot water before you make your coffee as it assists in creating distinctive layers. It will also not absorb the heat from the ingredients.
2. Never use whipped cream for Irish coffee. Use a high-quality cream, which has to be poured from the back of a spoon till you get an almost 1-inch thick layer.

Specialty Coffee
1. If you grind the coffee beans too fine and are using a plunger to brew the coffee, it will result in an over-extracted and bitter sludge.
2. If you grind it too coarse, then your coffee will be weak and watery.

Café Mocha
Do not use dip-brewed coffee. Instead, use a brewed espresso as chocolate compliments espresso well.

1. The proportion of milk and coffee should be right, which are roughly 1/3 coffee, 1/3 hot milk and 1/3 foamed milk.
2. For frothing, always start with cold milk and the temperature reached should be 65°- 70° C (Above 70°C, sugar starts to release, which changes the flavour of the milk in turn affecting the flavour of the coffee).

Happy Brewing!

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