Gentleman's Tea

Gentleman's Tea

The mark of a really good bar is in how they make some of the most classic cocktails. Most bartenders or mixologists, in a bid to stand out and experiment, often use some really unorthodox ingredients, essentially ruining what could have been a perfectly good drink. And the one cocktail that everyone loves to experiment with is the Long Island Iced Tea. A good concoction should be somewhat sweet, with a slight kick, just like what you would get from a really strong brew of black tea. Any bartender who can get the LIIT right on a regular basis really knows his trade well. We enlisted the help of one such bartender to make us the perfect Long Island Iced Tea.

Arranging the ingredients will not be a problem as most of them are available at most liquor stores across the country. Although you should go for gum syrup, finding it may be a little tricky though. Instead of regular syrup, we recommend you use some honey. Honey ensures that the drink has the silky smooth texture that everyone is familiar with. We filled one-third of a cocktail shaker with ice and added a generous amount of cola to it. We added 15 millilitres of tequila, vodka, triple sec, white rum, and gin, and 30 millilitres of lime juice. It is not paramount that one uses freshly squeezed lime juice; however, there’s nothing like some that has been freshly squeezed. We shook the shaker vigorously and poured it into a glass that was filled halfway with ice. For garnish, we used a lime wedge. To add a little bit of a zest to the drink, we sprayed some lime essence over it, although that is not necessary and can be skipped.

There are a few things that one needs to take care of. The Long Island Iced Tea needs to be made in batches of two. You also need to be very careful with the measurements of each ingredient and the manner in which you mix them. Shake it too vigorously, and the alcohol may start reacting to the low temperature and vacuum. Shake it too slowly and the drink will be a sloppy, watered down mess. Also, do not use mint or any other thing as a garnish as that clashes with the flavours and won’t taste true to its flavour.

• Tequila
• Triple Sec
• Gin
• White Rum
• Vodka
• Lemon Juice
• Cola
• Cocktail
• Tall Glass
• Lime Wedges
• Ice
• Gum Syrup or

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