Hangover Cures: Tested

Hangover Cures: Tested

Hair of the dog

According to folklore, you can find relief from a mutt’s bite by putting the hair of the dog that bit you in the wound. Feeling peaky after one pint too many? Crack open a cold one in the morning and wave goodbye to your hangover. And your job.

The equivalent of hitting a hangover pause button will temporarily pull you out of your sickly trough, then shove you right back in again. Also, it essentially steps one on the road to alcoholism.


Alcohol dehydrates you, which makes it feel like there’s an army of miniature workmen pounding away at your brain with tiny hammers. Drinking water rehydrates you, and so all the little builders get sent packing.

Water is the sweet giver of life and remover of post-pub brain pain. It won’t make that pukey feeling go away, but it’ll keep you alive and relatively headache-free. 

Bacon Sandwich 

A full English breakfast, a bacon sarnie or any other full-on stodge-fest will soak up all that nasty booze floating around your system, and give you a much-needed energy boost in the process.

A fatty, protein-rich and carb-heavy breakfast will go a long way towards fending off those morning-after shakes. Plus it’s the one time when a big greasy brekkie is actually the “healthy” option.

Milk Thistle

With word spreading (very possibly by its salespeople) of the effectiveness of this herbal hangover cure, sales of liver-healing milk thistle shot up by 80% over the last festive period.  

There may not be any proof that milk thistle prevents the punishment of a hangover, but anecdotal evidence suggests it’ll stave off that queasy feeling for a bit.

Berocca & Ibuprofen

Berocca contains shedloads of B-vitamins, which are crucial in supporting your body’s digestive system and need to be restocked after a heavy night of liquid fun. As for the ibuprofen, is there any pain or problem it can’t relieve?

There’s nothing wrong with dissolving a Berocca tablet in water, but nor is there any evidence to suggest it’ll do anything. The ibuprofen, which is actual medicine, will at least soothe the pain.

A Raw Egg

In the Western US, the Prairie Oyster (a raw egg with Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, salt and pepper) is a popular hangover remedy. It’s meant to counteract toxins from the booze. 

Never, ever do this, unless a loved one’s life depends on it, or you’ve lost a high- stakes bet. It might just work, but there are easier ways to make yourself vomit.

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