Hops on the rooftop

Hops on the rooftop

You’ve partied enough in close quarters in the chilly season. Almost every night club knows your signature move by now and your phone vibrates with endless messages for the next weekend party they’re going to host. But the season has taken a smooth turn and it’s time for you to step outside and bid adieu to cramped up spaces. It’s time to explore the stars and the high flying, low landing aeroplanes, as you sip your beer in the party at your ROOFTOP. 

Hoegaarden Wit-Blanche

This light bodied Belgian unfiltered brew is a clean and refreshing blend of sweet and sour taste. Flavoured with coriander and orange peel, it’s perfect for a summer party and gels well with continental appetizers. `250 (330 ml). 

Leffe Blonde

If you have a sweet tooth pick it up from the cooler and let the sweet floral, citrus flavour explode in your mouth. Slightly spicy like the winter ale, this may become popular with the ladies in your party. `225 (330 ml). 

St. Bernardus Tripel

With thrice the amount of malt, this tripel is made for a strong Indian palate. You’d love the sweetness it leaves in your mouth due to the use of Belgian candy sugar, also responsible for its lighter body. `250 (330 ml). 

Stella Artois

This is the perfect beer to sip with pizza or when starting the main course. Mildly carbonated in a clear golden colour, it gives a crisp flavour of grassy hops. The premium lager will pull you through the night with smooth ease. `225 (330 ml)

Drink like a Connoisseur

Chef Himanshu Taneja, Executive Chef, JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu, recommends adding apple juice to a lager for a different flavour. “If you want to experiment with your beer, fruits like berries, pear and apples may be added to the drink. You can also try spiced beer by adding certain spices to your glass. They go really well with foods like duck and pork.” While you may mix anything sensible with your beer, blending two alcoholic drinks may spoil the character of your beer. For once, compromise the urge to just get high and savour the taste. Shrey Mehta, Manager, ARK, Courtyard by Marriott Mumbai, suggests going with galangal (Thai ginger), star anise, fennel and cinnamon. 

BIRA 91 Blonde

The beautiful blonde is a refreshing alternative to mass market beers, with craftsmanship in the recipe and high-quality ingredients. It is an extra hoppy craft lager with floral aromas and a sturdy, malty flavour. You may mix it with tandoori Indian starters. `150 (330 ml). 

BIRA 91 White

This wheat beer, with a hint of spicy citrus, is low on bitterness and shows off a smooth body. It’s an Indian craft brew that draws on Belgian beer-making expertise and tradition. Best sipped with cheese and crackers. `150 (330 ml). 

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