Let Claire Smith be your guide to Vodka Martini!

Let Claire Smith be your guide to Vodka Martini!

As Belvedere signs a new deal with James Bond for the upcoming 007 movies, we caught up with its brand ambassador Claire Smith talking about how to shake it like Bond!

Excerpts from the interview 

We have got to know that James Bond has been served 300 drinks in all his movies and a lot of them have been whiskeys. So what makes Vodka Martini shaken not stirred stand out?

Haha, that’s quite a number! He has tried different types of alcohols but Vodka remains his favourite. And he likes the particular drink martini because it gives him a sense of himself. The Martini has got an association with Bond. It is considered as Bond’s drink. So, even if he doesn’t drink it in a movie, it will remain his drink. People like to call it Bond’s drink.

Smirnoff was the first Vodka that was served to Bond. And now it will be Belvedere, how do you feel to be associated with the brand?

Oh, I feel very good! This is definitely one of the biggest partnerships for Belvedere and something we’ve been looking forward to because Belvedere is a brand that is sold in 140 countries and Bond is the most popular movie franchise and it has a legacy, just like Belvedere. So we decided to combine the two legacies with this partnership.

What is the speciality of these two special limited edition vodkas?

The Bond Martini is called the Reverse Vesper which is basically the inverted version of the real drink that Bond describes in Casino Royale. So basically, instead of the 3 part Gin and half ounce Vodka, we have used 3 parts Vodka.

Can we see you offering the martini to James Bond in the next movie?

 Oh, they won’t be able to afford me. I am very expensive. On a serious note, I will not be there in the movie. Sorry! (haha)

What are some interesting ways to pair a cocktail with food?

Well, there are a lot of different ways to pair cocktails. It has to either complement or contrast the food. For instance, you can team a spicy meal that has different flavours with a sweet and refreshing drink to balance it out. It’s all about balancing it out. In terms of garnishes, there is so much more to experiment with. It is just about the taste.

How would you serve a man to get in the mood?

There are different ways to do it. It all depends on the mood, you know! Hahaha!

What’s your favourite cocktail?

I have a very varied taste. My taste depends on where I am. If I am at the beach, I won’t obviously order a martini. I would want a pina colada. And the same way, if I am home, I would want a good vodka cocktail.

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