Living The Good Life

Living The Good Life

If you’ve ever tried to stock a bar cart or set up a home bar, you’ve probably been confused by all of the different types of bar accessories. The good news is that buying the best cocktail glasses doesn’t have to be all that complicated.


Wine glasses come in two general shapes: one made for white wine (a little taller) and one made for red wine (more balloon-shaped).


Love great brandy and cognac, but don’t have space for a fancy snifter? Opt for the curved rocks glass; it’s convex sides give a similar effect to a snifter, encapsulating the aroma.


The shot glass, or shooter as it›s often known, is always a must on any list, not just because of its use for a tequila slammer, but you can also try a range of shots straight from vodka to a squashed frog.


While the coupes work just fine, it’s hard to argue with the iconic look of a martini in a tall cocktail glass. This glass works for a number of cocktails that are chilled and served up.


Instantly recognisable, fluted champagne glasses are delicate and magnificent glasses that ooze luxury and class. If you’re a big mimosa drinker, you might want some deeper flutes for brunchtime entertainment.


A gold standard for whiskey folks. Whether you want it neat, in an old fashioned, or you want something else entirely, the old fashioned (or rocks) glass is essential in a successful home bar.


An open-mouthed, shallow cocktail glass, the classic coupe glass is great not only for cocktails but for drinking champagne too. Fun fact: according to legend, the design was modelled on the breast of Marie Antoinette.


While it’s a lot easier drinking out of a bottle or a can, you really aren’t doing the beer, or your tastebuds, any justice. It’s important to always drink beer from the right glass otherwise you’ll miss the aroma, which influences the overall flavour of the beer.

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