Shake It Like A Bartender

Shake It Like A Bartender

1. Bar spoon – 

These long-handled spoons are used for stirring, mixing and layering cocktails/mocktails. They’re longer than regular spoons because their purpose is to reach the bottom of the tallest tumblers or jugs for proper mixing.

2. Flat bottom conical can – 

All the ingredients of the cocktail go in this can along with ice to being shaken for a good mix. These are preferred by American and Japanese mixologists as they are relatively smaller. Perfect for non-professional use.

3. Hawthorne strainer – 

The most common type of strainer, the Hawthorne comes with a wire spring encircling the rim to make sure ice remains inside the shaker while allowing some fruit pulp and smaller shards of ice to enter the glass.

4. Built-in strainer midsection – 

This acts as the other side of the conical can for the cocktail ingredients to mix. The sieve on the surface serves as a strainer to pour the contents out once the lid is taken off.

5. Jigger –  

This hourglass-shaped measuring device is used to size up the peg for the right amount of alcohol to be used in the cocktail. Ideally, one side measures a small peg and other large.

6. Top cap –

This is the lid that keeps the shaker content tight while mixing the ingredients by shaking them. It makes sure that nothing falls out during the process. It is removed while pouring or straining the drink. 

7. Bottle opener –

They’re used to open the metal bottle caps from bottles. 

8. Muddler –

Most cocktails contain fruits or herbs that are blended with the drink to prepare them, and these muddlers are used to mash them. On average they are about 7.5” tall but may differ from region to region.

9. Cheese knife –

Many drinks are accompanied with cheese and these knives come handy in slicing, cutting or simply chafing the cheese. 

10. Can opener –

These are used to open cans or even bottles in a bar. They may be useful in opening the lids of preserved berries to go in your drink. 

11. Ice tongs – 
They’re used absolutely for hygienic reasons than aesthetic. Pretty straight forward in their purpose, they are used to transfer ice from a bucket to the shaker or glass.

Cobbler shaker (a combination of 2,4,6) – 
Blending a cocktail happens inside a shaker. As the name suggests, ingredients are poured into it and they are shaken vigorously often with ice. A cobbler shaker is perfect for beginners, as it comes equipped with an integrated strainer.

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