On a Food Trail: Bob Blumer

On a Food Trail: Bob Blumer

FHM: So, you’re a professional gastronaut...

Bob Blumer: I love food and adventure and I pursue all forms of culinary adventure. In the course of doing that I hope that I can share some of my interests with my fellow adventurers, and do some of the hard work to bring interesting things to them and allow them to enjoy the same things without having to spend the same time tracking them down.

Tell us something about the toaster mobile.

Well, it’s a vintage Airstream trailer. The air streams always reminded me of old posters and when I built a kitchen inside it 18 years ago, I thought I may as well complete the look of the old posters and put a toaster on top. So I did just that. And then I travelled around the country in it to promote one of my cookbooks and then pitched a show. It became my travelling kitchen ever since. I did that show for five seasons.

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