Baahubali has a Hollywood fan

Baahubali has a Hollywood fan

Undoubtedly, Hollywood superhero films have a huge following in India. But, is it the same on the other side as well? Yes, it is. The Hollywood actor Samuel L Jackson, Avengers’ Nicky Fury is curious to be a part of Baahubali.


The veteran actor made his appearance on Youtube channel Mostly Sane in Singapore. The actor was there to promote his movie, Captain Marvel and made this interesting revelation. On being asked if he is looking forward to visiting India, he said he would if they offer him a job. Further on the show, when he was asked that if he has heard of Bollywood film industry and would he like to be a part of any Bollywood movie, he promptly replied, “I want to be in Baahubali 3”.




For the uninformed, Baahubali is a two-part fantasy movie, which is helmed by Rajamouli. The film features two of the well-known names in Telugu film industry, Prabhas and Rana Daggubati. With an estimated combined world-wide earning of Rs 2450 crores, the movie was an epic saga of love and affection, family and treachery. Not just this, the movie was one of the most thriving Indian films ever.

Meantime, Samuel’s latest film, Captain Marvel, has received mixed reviews of the audience.

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