Banita Sandhu To Star In Sci-Fi Pandora

Banita Sandhu To Star In Sci-Fi Pandora

Actress Banita Sandhu, who made her debut in Bollywood with the film October in 2018, will be seen in Priscilla Quintana starrer Pandora, a science fiction action series. Rounding out the series regular cast are Oliver Dench, Raechelle Banno, John Harlan Kim, Ben Radcliffe, Banita, Martin Bobb-Semple and Noah Huntley. Production is underway in Bulgaria. A premiere date has not yet been set. 

An excited Banita had tweeted: "So thrilled to announce my next project with The CW." Banita's "October" co-star Varun Dhawan tweeted on Thursday morning: "Wohoo so proud of you Bani. Does this mean I have to get in touch with your agent now to see you."


Set in the year 2199, Pandora fixates on Jax, played by Quintana, an ingenious young lady who has lost everything after the passing of her parents, yet finds another life at Earth's Space Training Academy where she and her companions figure out how to protect the Galaxy from dangers, both outsider and human. 

At the point when mysteries about the idea of her own personality start to surface, she should reveal reality, and whether she will be mankind's friend in need or the instrument of its destruction. Banita will play Delaney Pilar, Jax's roommate.

She is a splendid, nannite-upgraded lady with computerised inserts who can process data all the more rapidly as she is ceaselessly associated with the Datastream. On account of her upgraded capacities, Pilar at first appears to be detached and self-important around others.

Despite the fact that her inserts enable her to get to the Datastream and the gathering psyche of those in the Datacore, Pilar starts to scrutinise the choice to surrender her singularity to the hive mind as a youthful kid. 

Quintana's Jax is overly brilliant, normally curious, enabled, and with a brisk astringent mind. As awful as the demise of her folks was for her, her reality will be flipped around, significantly more, when she learns as long as she can remember is a falsehood. Quintana's ongoing element credits incorporate Traffik and Polaroid. She additionally has visitor featured in Lethal Weapon, Training Day and Masters of Sex.

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