Doctor Sleep aka The Shining Part 2

Doctor Sleep aka The Shining Part 2

The Shining has had a place in almost all "top horror film lists" ever since its release almost 40 years ago. Now, with its official 40th anniversary coming closer, Warner Bros. studios have decided to revisit the classic, by adapting its sequel as a movie.

The sequel, called Doctor Sleep was written by Stephen King, back in 2013 and was received with great praise. The studio bought the rights to a movie adaptation, but didn't officially start working on it, until the success of Stephen King's another franchise, IT. Since the success of that movie, the shining sequel was all but guaranteed, and we are happy to see the first trailer for it, out now on YouTube.

The trailer seems to follow the book quite a bit, as just like the novel, the movie's Danny Torrance too is all grown up, yet still plagued by the trauma of his father's madness and eventual death. Ewan McGregor plays the role of adult Dan Torrance in this movie, who unfortunately has turned to alcoholism in hopes of solving his issues, just like this father.

His story revolves around his attempts to use the booze to suppress his memories, as well as the psychic abilities that let him see the ghosts in the first place. His attempts eventually fail, as he is forced to reconnect with his abilities and once again face the demons that haunt him.

Along for the journey is Abra Stone, a little girl with psychic abilities of her own, who looks to Danny for help as she tries to escape a group of murderous kidnappers that to consume her psychic essence in hopes of immortality. The story seems to bring Danny and his companion back to the Overlook Hotel, as he tries to save himself, and the girl, just like in The Shining.

The trailer does a great job bringing you back in the mood, and we hope that the hard work put in by director Mike Flanagan, and producer Trevor Macy will be better received by the legendary author, than the now infamous classic.

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