Get Ready For Jonas Brothers Tour This Year

Get Ready For Jonas Brothers Tour This Year

So, 2019 got off to a pretty epic beginning for every single late nineties/early noughties kids out there, with the possibility of the Spice Girls reunion, some Busted visit dates, and, to finish it off, the Jonas Brothers getting back together. JB fans overall celebrated as they returned with a fresh out of the box new single Sucker, which, obviously, shot to number one right away. They've since released another new tune, Cool, which prods another Jonas Brothers collection.

Nick last month hinted that possibly there could be an upcoming tour or more live performances. According to the reports, the brothers have confirmed that they’ll "definitely tour this year at some point."

During an interview in a radio show Kevin Jonas, Danielle Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, and Sophie Turner are the one who inspires the content in "all ways." Kevin called them their pillar support and added, "They're our champions. They're our support. To have that great aspect in your life, it just makes writing awesome songs about them and about the moments you have and share so much easier. It's pretty great."

The three ladies played an important role in the music video for the band's first rebound tune 'Sucker'. The melody is tied in with being head-over-heels in their connections. The video includes the love birds cheerfully running together while oozing romance. The video demonstrates the three couples wandering around the grounds of a British palace and taking part in activities, for example, fencing in the lobby and taking a bubble bath in the garden.

On April 5, they released their most recent single Cool. Its music video is a beautiful tribute to retro Miami. In the wake of uncovering that the band was officially back together, they said on The Elvis Duran Show that they have recorded "30 to 40 melodies" that they "can hardly wait to release."

In the wake of taking a break for almost six years, Nick, Joe, and Kevin got back together and dropped the single and music video for 'Sucker', which they previewed on a scene of James Corden's The Late Show.

The Jonas Brothers are viewed as a standout amongst the best teenage groups ever. Notwithstanding, the trio split up in the year 2013 and began focusing on their performance melodic vocations.

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