Hina Khan To Venture Into An Indo-Hollywood Project

Hina Khan To Venture Into An Indo-Hollywood Project

Entertainer Hina Khan has shared the main look of her up and coming film, The Country of the Blind, portrayed as an 'Indo-Hollywood' venture. Hina plays a visually impaired young lady in the film. 

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Hina shared a series of images from the film, “Meet Gosha. My first Indo-Hollywood project, directed by our very own and talented Rahat Kazmi.” While the first picture shows Hina’s character in a close-up, the other pictures show her dressed in animal hide and wielding a rustic bow and arrow.


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The film is allegedly founded on the HG Wells short story, The Country of the Blind. Hina had appeared the main publication of her other film, Lines, at the current year's Cannes Film Festival. “Most girls, who want to become film actresses, look for roles in commercial movies. But every actress can’t wait forever to land a role opposite a big Bollywood actor. Also, I think that it’s important to be part of a film that has scope for you to perform. That is the reason I chose to debut with Lines, and now, I’m doing The Country of The Blind,” said Hina in her recent interview. 

Here’s a synopsis of the story, “While attempting to summit the unconquered crest of Parascotopetl, a fictitious mountain in Ecuador, a mountaineer named Nunez slips and falls down the far side of the mountain. At the end of his descent, down a snow-slope in the mountain’s shadow, he finds a valley, cut off from the rest of the world on all sides by steep precipices. Unbeknown to Nunez, he has discovered the fabled Country of the Blind.”

To give her best in the role, Hina visited a blind school workshop. She said, “Eyes are our window to the world, but I also feel that when God takes away something, he blesses you with many other things. These individuals are capable of achieving so much more than others.

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