Idris Elba All Set To Star In A Western Movie

Idris Elba

Idris Elba is all set to star in Netflix’s next Western movie, The Harder They Fall. The all-black Western movie will mark the directorial debut of British singer-songwriter Jeymes Samuel, who is better known by his stage name - The Bullitts. Adding more musical notes to the behind the scene production is rapper Jay-Z, who will be donning the producer’s hat for this Netflix movie along with James Lassiter and Lawrence Bender. 
The film will see Jonathan Majors playing the role of outlaw Nat Love who decides to reunite with his gang after he finds out that the guy who killed his parents - character played by Idris Elba - is being released from prison two decades after the incident. He is set out to track down the man who did him wrong and seek revenge on the criminal. 

This one is going to be a musical treat for all the music lovers too because, just like The Great Gatsby, Jeymes and Jay-Z will also work together on the soundtrack of this movie. Also, if sources are to be believed, the upcoming movie will also see music incorporation in a very similar fashion as was seen in the Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire starrer The Great Gatsby
In a recent interview, Idris has admitted that he is “sad about ever-increasing technological development” in the movies. He said, “A part of me is sad about this ever-increasing technological development. We people have emotions, unlike computers or artificial intelligence, we can adapt. There are even techniques with which you can use brain waves to move things. But perhaps it is only another step on the way to evolution.”
Idris was last seen in Hobbs & Shaw with Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham that came out earlier this year. 
His next movie Cats, the widely anticipated adaptation of the Broadway musical, will hit the theatres in December. 

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