Iron Man All Set To Come Back In “Black Widow”

Iron Man All Set To Come Back In “Black Widow”

The “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” is all set to come back as Iron Man in “Black Widow”. The captivating role which started and ended with “I am Iron Man” definitely left a void in hearts of every Marvel fan. Iron Man and Black widow both died in Endgame which was supposed to mark the end of phase 3. RDJ has played the role of Iron Man for 11 years with Iron Man starting the marvel cinematic universe in 2008. He has one of the longest careers serving as a marvel hero behind huge jackman and Patrick stewart. Downey Jr. has played the character of Tony Stark aka Iron Man in 9 movies as of now and is now ready to make a comeback in tenth one.

The Russo brothers have decided to bring him back in the upcoming movie “Black Widow” which will be realising in 2020. Patience is a virtue, so looks like marvel fans would have to wait a little longer till they get another glimpse of tony stark. It is still a mystery, how big his role would be in the film but the fact that we get to see him again is a news enough to make us reach for our wallets. 

The movie will set after the events of civil war but before the events of infinity war. Despite of releasing after Endgame, the movie will be a part of phase 3. We will finally get to know the back story of Natasha Romanoff and events that turned her into Black Widow. Marvel gave us a peek at Natasha Romanoff’s past in Avengers: Age Of Ultron and left the fans wanting for more.

Russo brothers, continuing their trend of creating mystery about their movies, have not released much to public about this heart-throbbing prequel but have left the Downey Jr. fans with something to be filled with content.

Text by Jaskaran Singh

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