John Carpenter Honoured At Cannes

John Carpenter Honoured At Cannes

Cannes paid tribute to horror cult horror mast John Carpenter on Wednesday with honour for The Thing director's contribution to the film industry. 

Carpenter – additionally known for works of art including Halloween and Escape from New York – was given the Golden Coach grant by the French chiefs' society at the opening service of the Director's Fortnight, which keeps running in parallel to the fundamental Cannes celebration on the French Riviera. 

Fittingly for a movie producer who is likewise a prestigious spearheading author who made or together made the lion's share out of his own film scores, the affair got in progress with some spooky electronic state of mind music. 

Craftsman, an American who lives in California, told the occasion that he had been entranced by the manner in which characters rose up out of beams of light in a motion picture projector since his first trek to the film at age 3 to see Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart in The African Queen. 

"It's that transportation of a crowd of people through the universe of light and the shadows around it that I'm pleased to be a piece of," he said. 

The fundamental choice of Cannes' film feature opened with a zombie party, The Dead Don't Die, on Tuesday night. Its executive, Jim Jarmusch, referred to Carpenter as one of his blood and guts movie references and motivations.



The Cannes film festival commenced on Tuesday with one of the glitziest line-ups in years as Hollywood stars and studios return in strength to the world's biggest film festival.

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