Julie Andrews Receives the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival 2019

Julie Andrews Receives the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival 2019

Hollywood achievement came so abruptly for Julie Andrews, she said it felt like "an ambush." The 83-year-old star is only appreciative for everything that is come to her direction, however, she had the one of a kind encounter of having taped three motion pictures consecutive before any had turned out — two of which, Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music, are as yet her generally persevering.

“I hope I had some common sense, but it could knock you off your feet that assault of press and adulation,” the 83-year-old said Tuesday at the Venice International Film Festival. 

She made the excursion to Italy to get the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement Award there the night earlier. 

Andrews charmed the group of spectators with stories of her far-reaching profession, entertaining them with tales about everything from Walt Disney offering her the job of Mary Poppins — in spite of the way that she had never done a film and was three months pregnant — to expressing gratitude toward Jack Warner while tolerating her Golden Globe for the part. Warner had passed on her to play Eliza Doolittle in the big screen adjustment of My Fair Lady, which implied she was allowed to take Mary Poppins.

“I had hoped but understood completely when I did not get asked to do the movie for Warner Bros. who went with my friend Audrey Hepburn,” Andrews said. “But it’s not difficult to get over the disappointment because Mr Disney comes along and asks if you want to do Mary Poppins.”

She also talked about her 41-year union with the late chief Blake Edwards, whom she would represent in various movies including 10, Victor Victoria, S.O.B. what's more, That's Life.

“He understood me very well and I think he saw that I wasn’t just a goody too-shoes. I wasn’t just prim and proper … there may be some comedy there,” she said. “He saw that and developed that.”

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