Pom Klementieff Joins Tom Cruise In The next 'Mission Impossible' film

Pom Klementieff

Mission Impossible is, without a doubt, one of the most famous and loved action movie series of all time! Our favourite IMF agent Ethan Hunt as been winning hearts by hanging around the Burj Khalifa on a water hose pipe, jumping out of high-speed cars without as much as a scratch and basically creating havoc in every country he steps into! If these reasons (plus Tom Cruise) weren't enough to get you excited about the upcoming instalments of the movie, then this news will surely make your day! French star, Pom Klementieff is joining the cast of the superhit series as the new ‘femme fatale’ for its seventh and eighth instalments. Pom is best known for starring in the super hit movie - Guardians of the Galaxy.
The writer and director of the upcoming movie, Christopher McQuarrie has confirmed the news on his Instagram handle. He has shared a picture of the actress with the message, “@pom.klementieff, how do you say femme fatale in French? #MI78”
Klementieff too responded by posting the same photo, and adding, “@christophermcquarrie Mischief: Accepted #MI78”. 
Christopher has also directed the last two movies from the series - Rogue Nation and Fallout. 
Hayley Atwell will be joining the cast of the movie as well, alongside Pom. The two movies will be shot back-to-back. 
The last M:I movie, Fallout, was the highest-grossing film of the series as it earned $791 million worldwide. It was made with a budget of just $178 million. 
Pom Klementieff has also been part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where she played the role of Mantis. She is currently shooting for Ben Falcone's Netflix superhero comedy 'Thunder Force'. 
This mission, should you choose to accept it, looks super exciting and is scheduled to hit theatres in July 23, 2021, with the seventh instalment and August 5, 2022 with the eighth movie.

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