Rani Mukerji Is Back On Screen With 'Mardaani 2'

Rani Mukerji in Mardaani 2

After a long sabbatical from movies, actress Rani Mukerji made a comeback last year with Hichki. The movie was a treat for all her fans as Rani dazzled the movie-goers with her amazing acting and off-beat role. Now, almost a year later, Rani is back to reprise her role of Superintendent of Police, Shivani Shivaji Roy in Mardaani 2 and if the trailers are anything to go by, then the movie is going to be a spine-chilling thriller drama. 
The trailer of Mardaani 2 is out and Rani is back to playing the fearless cop who can do anything to bring justice to the victim. Similar to the first movie, Madraani 2 focuses on crime against women but this time, the film is based on a horrifying, real-life incident.
Based in the town of Kota, the trailer shows Rani investigating a blood-chilling rape case where she is pitted against a vicious villain who is very young but very dangerous. The rapist is shown targetting young women who have come in the city to study and how Rani has to find him soon before he finds his next target. The 2-minute trailer ends with Rani trying to dodge the killer-rapist and trust us, it will definitely leave you wanting more. 
The film is directed by Gopi Puthran and he says that the movie is “inspired” from all the “horrific crimes that you read about in papers”.
He says, “Ideas for films like Mardaani 2 tend to come from some real-life inspirations because the horrific nature of crimes that you read about in papers, do shock you and stay with you. My film is inspired from various such incidents that happened across the country. Mardaani 2 focuses on such crimes committed by juveniles, how they are on the rise across the nation and we need to pay heed to this.”
The film will release on December 13. 


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