Ryan Reynolds Confirms 'Deadpool 3'

Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool 3

If there is one superhero in the world who has won our hearts not with his superpowers but with his sassy, foul-mouthed and brazen personality on screen, then it has got to be Deadpool. This Marvel comics character has won millions of hearts ever since it hit the big screen in 2016. And now we have some good news for all the fans of this superhero franchise - the third instalment of the film is into making and it is happening at Marvel Studios. Ryan Reynolds, who stars as the titular character in the film, confirmed that the movie is already underway on developing the third film in the series.
Ryan dropped this news while appearing on Live with Kelly and Ryan. When asked about if there are plans for another movie in the franchise, Ryan said, “Yeah yeah, we're working on [Deadpool 3] right now with the whole team. We're over at Marvel now, which is like the big leagues all of a sudden. It's kinda crazy. So yeah, we're working on it.”
There is nothing much revealed about the storyline, release date or the additional cast of the new movie yet but we are just glad we will be seeing our beloved, always cursing superhero donning the skin-tight, red and black outfit again!  
Talking about the outfit, Ryan also shared how his mom’s homemade recipe helps him overcome the problem of chafing that usually happens due to the costume. He shared, “It's a very specific system. It's a homemade recipe my mom came up with. She lives in Vancouver so she can come over and get it on me before we shoot.”
The superhero film franchise came under Marvel Studios’ umbrella when Disney took over Fox, the studio that released the first two Deadpool movies, earlier this year. The original Deadpool, that released in 2016, held the box office record for R-rated movies until Joker surpassed it earlier this year. Well, the news surely gave us something to look forward to in the new year!

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