Connecting The Dots: Janvi Chitalia

Connecting The Dots: Janvi Chitalia

Nowadays, there are numerous people addicted to supplements. How should one build a balance between mind and medicine?

The beauty of our body lies in the fact that it tries to maintain and keep us in a state of equilibrium. The balance between the mind and the medicine/ supplement intake lies in listening to the body’s needs. For a fitness enthusiast or a highly stressed individual, the balance can be found in figuring when the body feels that is unable to keep up to its optimum levels of nutrition. For a person with a very stressful life, supplementing Rhodiola or glutamine may help improve their efficiency significantly.

In this fast-paced life, fitness is probably the most neglected part of our priority list. How can today’s youth overcome this and awaken their inner zeal for working out?

Firstly, I believe it’s imperative to understand that the body’s balance is associated with energy in and energy out. A lot of people face bouts of anger, anxiety and irritation because of excessive energy that remains unutilised in the body in comparison to the amount of energy input in the body. To create a sustainable balance in the body, it is most important to moderate both, energy in and out.

It is said that you should at least sleep for eight hours a day. How does one’s sleep cycle affect their fitness?

The role of optimal sleeping is often under-rated when it comes to the impact that it has on one’s weight, mood, hormonal imbalance, gut health, BP, cardiac risk and many more aspects of health.  Adequate rest may vary from person to person depending on several factors; it is ideally between 6-8 hours. One’s sleep pattern affects one’s fitness.  With our fast-paced high stress lives our bodies are generally in the alarm phase (high stress) and hardly functioning in the adaptive phase, where the body learns to relax and adapt after a hard stressful period has passed by (in the alarm stage), essentially making the rest phase of the body most important to replenish and help with rejuvenation for the body. This constant imbalance has become the cause of disease and imbalance in the body.

What is your take on cheat meals? Is it healthy for a fitness enthusiast to indulge in it?

Cheat meals are a great way to reinforce to oneself that one can earn a cheat meal for making consistent healthy choices as a part of a lifestyle change. The key lies in the right mindset behind cheating. Cheating from an empowered choice due to wanting to eat something is different from cheating because one feels deprived of the foods that they forced themselves to stop eating. Cheating should be encouraged in moderate pre-planned portions. It should be a part of a sustainable lifestyle as much as conscious mindful eating. This is to avoid a sense of deprivation and focus on practising moderation.

It is not just physical health but also the mental aspect that is crucial for an individual’s growth. What is your basic mantra for absolute fitness?

My basic mantra is to challenge myself constantly to be a better version of myself than I was yesterday. It could be challenging me to take my workout up a notch or it could be to learn a new subject that’s challenging. For me, it is to set a goal, challenge myself and persevere and strive to become better each day in every aspect of life

What is that one exercise you can swear by if you had to do it for the rest of your life?

The one exercise that I can swear by is the plank, as it involves everything from a sense of creativity, to balance and agility, to the core and whole-body strength, resistance and flow-based breathing. It challenges the mind and body to work in a beautiful balance while making me aware of my whole body as one masterpiece. The plank once mastered, can be spiced up in innovative ways to challenge the body differently every time and also has amazing results when practised for increased durations on a regular basis.

A healthy gut results in a healthy body. Enlighten us on microbiome diet, which is in rage these days.

With having specialised in Gut Microbiome related diets, I would totally agree with the fact that a healthy gut resides in a healthy body. It is truly said that any disease enters our body from the Gut and the lungs. A Gut Microbiome diet focuses on creating an environment which is free of “Gut Dysbiosis” an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut. The three steps include to Eliminate, repair, re-inoculate, which is to first eliminate allergens from the gut, strengthen and heal the gut and then reintroduce foods that seemed to initially weaken the gut.

The gut is one of the most important but under-rated organs as 75% of our immunity lies in the gut, so the gut balance is critical for maintaining a hormonal balance, allergy control, irritated gut and even one’s moods as all of these relate to one’s immunity.

Protein is the most essential element for the growth of muscles. How can one gain this nutrient naturally?

Protein is truly the essential macronutrient for growth and repair of the cells. A nutrition program devoid of protein can accelerate muscle loss over fat loss and should be completely avoided. Several natural sources of protein include eggs, fish, chicken, almond milk, coconut yoghurt, yoghurt, seeds, broccoli, mushroom, nuts and legumes. In the case of the protein requirement, One person’s food can be another person’s poison so it should be chosen as per, digestion, absorption efficiency and preferred choice. The sources one chooses should be based on how one’s body responds to it

With so many natural ayurvedic brands launching each day, there is confusion in the market. How can one make an adequate choice?

First check with your body, ‘Does your body require the specific supplement?’ This will help make an adequate choice. Secondly, ask a nutritionist or a health professional to help get insightful information and facts about a product based on research and analysing the need for it before consuming it.

Exercising needs constant motivation. Please share some tips with our readers on how to be the best versions of themselves.

The key to remaining motivated lies in finding the right ‘why’; the reason for wanting to be a fitter version of yourself with a long term goal attached to it. Being the best version of oneself is more about the mindset than exercising or striving to keep up a routine, a mind that aligns with the seed of purpose of the body will be able to achieve its goals more efficiently.

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