How I Did It: Gianluca Zambrotta

How I Did It: Gianluca Zambrotta

When I was a kid my desire was to be a professional football player, so my first memory of any ambition is that of kicking a football for the first time. I studied until the age of 18. My first job was as a professional footballer for the Como Football Club, which is where I am from.

I grew up in Como city with my family, it’s a wonderful city in Italy. I always wanted to just play football, but my family, of course, gave a great deal of emphasis on my studies as well.

I decided to be a professional footballer. After having played in the Como football academy as a youngster, I got the opportunity to play in the Serie B (Italian Second division league) when I was 17 years old. I was very excited as that was my first opportunity to play as a pro.

I grew up with building strong stamina, but it is important to build one’s stamina by good training, good nutrition, and by keeping your body clean. One should treat their body as the most important thing. If you respect your body, you can go a long way in any sport.

You can grow up to have good self-esteem if you obtain a strong job. You should always aspire to grow stronger, work hard and always set targets for yourself. It is important to keep working hard at every stage in your life and achieve your targets.

Being a coach and being a player are two absolutely different things. It is unfair to compare the two. Of course, I was a player; I have learnt from my experience and by studying the style of coaches. I hope that my efforts help me manage my team as a coach in a good way.

In my opinion, it is important to grow up in a balanced and calm family. Family teaches you about some very important attributes of life.

In life, always have one target. It is very important to do your best to obtain that target. I always focus to achieve all that I have set in my life and follow this philosophy very closely.

When I was a coach in Switzerland, it was one of the most fun times for me. At the match, I used to go outside the stadium and meet a few fans casually, to drink a beer and have a sandwich with them after the game.

In my life, my family, my son, my parents and my wife are my priorities. Friends too are a very important part of my life.

At the moment I am very happy to have got this opportunity to coach Delhi Dynamos FC, to know and discover a new footballing hub, and the people of India. So far it has helped me grow as a person too. It’s a very different and nice experience.

Not many embarrassing things have happened to me on the field, to be honest. One of my teammates, a long time ago, had a gastric problem, and he asked me to substitute him to go to the restroom (laughs).

Sometimes a lot of fans and supporters consider us as superheroes. They ask questions like why do you drive a simple car, or oh you go to the cinema to watch a movie? We are normal people, we do the exact same things as anybody else does.

A sport that I love after football is tennis. I enjoy watching Roger Federer and Djokovic play. Whenever I have the opportunity I go to watch tennis live at different tournaments in Europe.

When I am free I like to spend time with my son. I like to take him to the park and do interactive activities. I absolutely enjoy seeing him grow. For me, my free time is about spending it with the family.

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