Right lift, right

Right lift, right

An investment banker turned trainer, Narinder Bhasin aka Nandy has a unique vision when it comes to training. He believes in debunking every myth that shrouds the fitness industry, be it regarding vegetarians bulikng up or the role of supplements. Having trained people for over a decade—models, actors, hoteliers—the Delhi based trainer feels its time the spotlight shines on Indian trainers and bodybuilders.
But, he is not all talk. He had a plan in place.

Excerpts from an interview:

How did you get into the business of fitness?

It was sheer chance and also some cajoling from my father. I was an investment banker and was working in Dubai for Royal Bank of Scotland for seven years. But fitness was always a passion. I never really left working out even if my work schedule was pretty hectic. I decided to come back to India to take care of my parents. Once back, I was looking for a good opportunity to come by. Once my father remarked that he always sees me with a gym bag or a protein shake, he suggested that I should try getting into a field where my passion lies. I joined Gold’s Gym in East of Kailash as a sales manager. Working there for eight months, I could see the other side of the fitness business. I was always fascinated by how supplements work for the body. After calling it quits at Gold’s Gym, I got into supplement retail. There was no looking back after that. 

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