Gosh. She’s hot. I know all men are attracted to ‘hot’ women. But what makes our cover girl attractive? She’s a go-getter. She’s sassy. She’s a challenge. Her attitude is fun. She’s often charmingly childlike, desirable and gorgeous. 


FHM: Hi Amy, how was the shoot?
Amy: I had so much fun shooting for the cover. I can’t even count how many times I have shot for the cover. I loved the vibe of the shoot. It was cool, smooth and very chilled out.



What is the best thing about being a woman?
I feel women are beautiful and confident. No one can function without us. I feel every woman is beautiful.


Would you like to tell us a bit on how Amy Jackson from Liverpool landed in India?
I was working in London and did few assignments as a model. One of the advertising directors spotted me and asked for an audition. I was instead selected for a movie in Hollywood. And since then, it’s been a beautiful journey for me.




You’ve carved out stardom in a short span. You made your Bollywood debut with ‘Ekk Deewana Tha’. Tell us about your journey in India so far?
Everyone has been extremely supportive and warm towards me. I feel very fortunate to be a part of it. In fact I feel I have got more than I deserved. I feel I am making a debut in all my movies. Every time I start a project I learn so much from it.




You’ve worked with legendary Rajinikanth. How was it working with the superstar?
I never ever imagined I would work with the legendary Rajinikanth. It’s been a beautiful experience working with him. He enriches you so much as a human being. I have learned the art of being patient from him.




What’s the most fascinating quality about him?
He is very patient.


How much time does it take you to learn Tamil and Hindi dialogues?
Initially, when I started it was bit difficult to learn Tamil, but yes I guess I can now handle it. But Hindi is so difficult. I’m still learning it... But yes, I love learning new languages.

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