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You could sit down to make a list of cover girls who’d make men go weak in the knees – and you’d find the usual actresses looking for a make-over, the starlets trying to make it big, the supermodels on the apple and mineral water diet and then there are the ones who do item songs but turn coy at the mention of a magazine shoot. Miss Esha Gupta is none of them (thankfully). Her IMDB profile has five odd movies against her name, none of which were staggeringly successful. In fact, if you were to do a count, you’d discover that she’s been on three covers for every movie that she has been in. But as you can probably tell, she’s been saving the best for the magazine you hold in your hands. Tell her that and she laughs, “Can’t believe you actually counted!” We want to tell her we didn’t, but what the hell. So, this is your first FHM cover ever. What do you think? I was really very very excited to do this. You guys are not ‘look at me, I’m wearing a bikini’ or trashy, that’s what I have always loved about you.

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With that little piece of narcissism behind us, we delve into other more pressing matters – like rumours. There is some buzz about her and a particular Mr Roshan. “There is nothing like that. I have been in a very loving and caring relationship for a while now,” she explains. It’s another matter that she did make the newspaper print an apology – “even if it was just two lines, I still got the point across.” A couple of minutes later we are talking to her about weird fans while she indulges in the single biggest waste of time since the Americans sat twiddling their thumbs in World War II – for some strange reason, she is getting her hair done. A completely unnecessary exercise since the tousled hair tied up in an untidy bun is as hot as hot gets. She’s managed to get herself a fan with a foot fetish. “So, he tweets to me and says he wants to touch my feet, then one day he says he wants to kiss my feet…it’s sweet.” How is it sweet?…isn’t it weird? Fine it’s a little weird, but I’m still not blocking him.

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What else? Do you also get letters in blood? Hahah. Nope. Probably because they don’t know where to send them. No one has my address or phone number. Plus I can handle most things…I am an Air Force girl! So, you’ve been tweeting quite a bit about Football. Is it a fleeting love or are you actually into it? I am absolutely into Football! I love Arsenal. I am a die-hard fan. You can ask me whatever you want about them.

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Up for a quiz? Maybe later. So then are you also into ISL? I am a fan girl for Pune FC – so ISL. It’s giving new and upcoming football players a lot of exposure which is exactly what we need right now. If you asked me about IPL, I’d probably not even know what season will be played now. So you don’t watch cricket at all? I do, but Cricket for me is India-Pakistan! If you ask me what sport I’d like to play though, I’d say volleyball. Plus I was an athlete growing up. You playing Volleyball on a beach will be quite the sight… Heheh. I know what you are picturing, but I don’t play volleyball anymore, the most I do is swimming. My building has a pool so, that’s god sent.
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