Esha Gupta for the Mutual love of Cars & Speed

Esha Gupta-

We have always seen men behind the wheels and hot chicks around them. But here is the role reversal we always wanted. And if there was one lady who loved the thundering sound of engines like us, it was her! So here is presenting the ever so hot – Esha Gupta!


Hey, Esha! How fun was it shooting with the Audi TT?

Oh my god! The car was a beauty. And I’m a car girl and not a bike chick. I love sports cars. And when I was told that this is going to be an auto special and I would be shooting with a car, I was like damn yes! I think all I wanted was that they would say, it was an amazing shoot and we are gifting you this car. That’s only thing that didn’t happen (haha).  



So speed obviously thrill you, right?
Oh, yes. Definitely.


If you had the option to design your own car what features would you want in it?
Umm… I wouldn’t really know. If I own it, I would know it. For me, the basics of car accessories need to be there. I love music, so I would want really good music system in it. And for sports cars, the wheels and powerful engine would be the music.



Are you a car racing fan? What team do you support in Formula One?
I did attend an event for a Grand Prix. But I didn’t really get into it as such. There is no particular team, but if I have to support one, then it has to be the Indian team.


How was your first experience of driving? Do you have a funny story about driving?
I think we should talk about the time when I properly started driving a car (haha). When I started driving I thought it was the best time. It’s actually the best feeling and you start to feel independent all of a sudden. You think that now you can conquer the world because you know how to drive. I remember once I was driving and it was raining heavily. I couldn’t see a big rock right on middle of the road. My car just rammed into it. The car was all over it and I was like, oh my god! I called up my cousin and he just blasted on me. The whole excitement of independence went down in minutes (haha).



What’s the longest stretch that you’ve driven?
In Delhi, I used to drive a lot. My friends and I used to go on the Jaipur highway and have a good time. There is no long stretch drive as such, because I love  to relax. I need to straighten  my legs.


The FA Cup this time? And what was the final score?

Hard core fan! Common, they beat Chelsea. And the final score was 3-1, I guess.


Gotcha! It was 2-1! Who’s your favourite Gunner?
Umm… Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.



What kind of a person are you when not in front of the camera?
Sports enthusiast and car lover. I genuinely love adventure. I am a lady who loves to jump off the plane, with the parachute on of course. I love to learn new things and go to new places. But in all of the above, I want luxury!


You are quite vocal on social media and that draws a lot of trolls as well. How do you deal with them?
I rather prefer to talk than just be quiet and look dumb. I have my opinion and in today’s age, when we have social media as a tool to actually say something that matters to the world, I think everyone should step up and talk about issues. I’m not talking the general stuff, but things that matter. As trolls, they are also reading what I’m writing. They need to what’s happening in the world. I was talking to my friend recently that the kids will be reading about the World War III which is happening right now, like the way we read about the WWI and WWII. If things bother me then I think I need to talk about it no matter what the trolls say. Some people don’t want to take a stand fearing the trolls, but I am definitely not one of those.



What does a typical day in your life look like?
Don’t ask me that, please. For the past few days, I have moving my house and it’s all been chaotic. I have started to look like some one from Movers and Packers. I don’t they didn’t do anything, because I have OCD and I want my things in a certain way. And because of that, I was the one who was moving everything  from one place to another in  the new house.


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