Sunny Leone For your ultimate fantasy!

Sunny Leone looks completely ravishing in every single photo. Her hair, outfit, and makeup are so damn perfect. But there’s a lot more to Sunny Leone than just what meets the eye – and one may perhaps feel that, post every interaction with her. A package of energy, witty and child-like, she’s also a very determined woman who makes sense all the time.


I can actually write a book about how elegant, incredible, inspiring, encouraging and hilarious this lady is, but I’ll keep it confined to ten pages only. FHM magazine has gone for your ultimate fantasy. And here we are presenting in full spirits, the Baby Doll of Bollywood, Sunny Leone. She has good taste in clothes and hardly ever looks anything but stunning. She makes your heart soften with her cheerful charm. She is amazingly adorable and gorgeous. Pretty much everyone I know describes her as cute.



Her smile is infectious, isn't it? Her heart is clean and true. I’m totally in awe of this Bollywood actress. If you look intimately to her life and try not to judge her for her earlier profession (impartially), you'd see eye to eye and get my point. Yeah, she and her husband was a part of porn industry but what they aren't doing to leave that past behind? They are trying to get a fresh start (and they are doing damn good in fact).


Sunny was in a revealing mood. We got to know so much about her. These are the five things you probably didn’t know about Sunny Leone.


“More and more every day, I feel like donuts are becoming my new obsession. Donuts are circles of pleasure. It's like a never-ending sweet path of escapade and every bite makes me feel alive inside. It's not just about that chocolate glaze or pink frosting with sprinkles. And the best part is they come in all shapes and sizes.”

“Growing up, I was hands-down one of the biggest tomboys. I was never concerned with being covered in dirt, having un-brushed hair, or wearing clashing colours even if that sounds like a waking nightmare at the moment.”


“My relationship with Rolex wristwatch is just beautiful. Rolex is a world of its own: respected; admired; valued; and known across the globe. Sometimes I sit back and think about all that Rolex is and does and find it hard to believe that at the end of the day, they just make watches.”




Hey Sunny, did you like the shoot?

Well, it was wonderful. I immediately loved the theme. FHM is indeed known for the hot covers but this time we were nicely able to shoot in such beautiful clothing.


What are your plans this festive season?

During the festive season, I believe I’m going to be in the United States, China, and Canada.



How is baby Nisha lighting up your life?

The whole experience is just incredible. Nisha is the best gift I could ask for. She is so beautiful and awesome. And yeah, very naughty as well. I’m so blessed to have somebody like her in my life, even if the world is crashing around us; she maintains that beautiful smile when we come home. She is a stress buster. With her, a bad day turns into the most amazing day.


How do you balance your work and private lives?

It’s about time management. The very idea of attaining balance is a big part of the problem. My approach is not to balance, but to integrate. It requires some thought and discipline.



I agree! For all those women still struggling with self-identity issues, what would you say to them?

Being a strong and independent woman means that you are able to find happiness on your own. You should have self-confidence without having to rely on another person or society for validation. It means learning to accept who you are at your core, whether you are shy and soft-spoken or loud and assertive.


Can you give us an example?

The perfect example is the nanny of Nisha. I’m so proud of her. She has taken the decision to travel with us. She is an independent woman and is capable of meeting her own needs.


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