Swara Bhasker : Indefatigable Crusader

Swara Bhasker

1.  Swara Bhasker

What attracts us towards Swara Bhasker is not just the charm and beauty that she has, but how effortlessly articulate she is. Although her ability to be on point when speaking her mind has landed her in one controversy after the other, she doesn’t seem to mind the backlash and trolling that she faces online. “I don’t know, it sometimes feels as it is completely orchestrated by a certain section of the Internet. People are very nice to me when they meet me,” she says. Will she heed her friends’ advise and tone things down? We don’t think so. Here’s a conversation with our cover girl over our favourite poets, the purpose of art and of course, tea… the staple for every JNU student and alumnus.

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