The Upgraded Version of Vaani Kapoor hot just got hotter!

Oh yeah! Who’s hot in Bollywood is always important to know. Here is where the hot just got hotter! One of the most attractive and stylish actresses in the industry as we see it, she carries herself like someone who knows she is the hottest person in any room she walks into.


The versatile and vivacious actress Vaani Kapoor is one of the most gorgeous and hottest actresses of this generation. Luckily, readers could take a great amount of comfort in the opportunity to see her in this sexy avatar with FHM which is something that you will relish. In this photo shoot, she is ready to give you sleepless nights. She has an exquisite beauty, Vaani takes great pride in her body, and that is probably one of the major reasons why Vaani is here in our pages.


Vaani & Gadgets


Hey hottie, what’s your relationship with technology?


I’m not very strong in many aspects of technology except for my phone. The weird thing is that I’m always fascinated to new types of technology and I’m enthralled by the different capabilities of technology, but never take time to actually learn how to use them. I just admire the technology. Everyone has diverse strengths concerning technology and to the people, who are very comfy with it, more power to them! But I’m not a gadget chic (hehe).


Three gadgets you can’t live without?


Mobile phone: It’s the 4th basic necessity in life. I’m in love my phone. Laptop: My laptop is a must have. Headphones: I really love listening to music and I cannot do without my headphones.


Most frequently used apps in your phone?


WhatsApp, Instagram, and FaceTime.



Boys, Affairs & More


How important is romance for you?


It’s fun, it’s exciting. It makes you feel good. It’s important to have small actions that convey affection, adoration, thoughtfulness, and love. I want my special person to be around me and make me feel happy.


What makes you feel loved?


Those small little gestures when I need someone, I don’t even have to voice it out but the person can just feel it and be there for me.


What’s your take on live-in relationships?


Yeah, why not. It’s a personal choice. If you guys are okay and want to stay together, go for it. I’ve never been in one though and for me it will be a big step. Loyalty is very important for me. At the same time, I also believe in marriage and that is something I really want.


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