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Into the Wild with Urvashi Rautela

Urvashi Rautela is anything but ordinary. The no-holds-barred actress takes us through her years in showbiz, her obsessions and what satisfies her creative fantasy.



Small-town dreams are fascinating. They are fearless, ambitious and open-ended and of course, it begins with a dreamer. Actress Urvashi Rautela is a small-town dreamer. As she walks in, her attention is at many places, with a string of thoughts and a lot of questions. The first observation was her love for mirrors. She says, “I like things perfect. I want to make sure that I give my best shot in everything I do. I get restless when things are not in my control. I am obsessed with the idea of perfection and I keep exploring mediums that will get me there.”

Rautela grew up in Uttrakhand, mainly Haridwar and Kotdwar. Her mother is from Kumaon and her father is from Garhwal. She shares, “ I grew up in a simple household. My childhood was filled with lot of sports activities. Be it hockey, basketball, running, jump or racing, I was a part of everything. My mother was also an athlete so the idea of sports and the discipline that it involves has been an integral part of my life and my younger brother. When I look back, the idea of sports has been a way of life for me and I look for the level of performance and attitude in everything I do as a professional. There is no middle path to achieve perfection. It either has to be perfect or nothing.” 
Rautela who is an outstanding dancer credits her years in sports for the same. She shares, “ I do more than eleven dance forms which include Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Pop, Hip-hop, Belly, Ballet, Jazz, Funk, Waacking and Heels Choreography. 

She joined Bollywood in the year 2014. This is her fifth year in the industry and she claims to be unstoppable. The entertainment industry was nowhere a plan for a 14-year-old Rautela who was visiting Delhi during a vacation. "My mother had a quick meeting with Blossom Kochhar and that’s when the idea came up. She indirectly changed my life. During that time, a young and restless Rautela was hanging out in Connaught Place and she found out that Miss Teen India auditions were happening at a hotel nearby. She says, “I was dressed casually in a pair of jeans and t-shirt. My family gave me the push and I wore my mother’s heels and went for the audition.” She adds, “ There were so many beautiful girls over there. More prepared and confident. Ex Miss World Diana Hayden and designer Rock S were judging the contest. We had to do a catwalk and any particular movement. I did a Bharatnatyam move. I was not at all sure if I was ever going to be selected. It came as quite a surprise when the top 5 was announced and I was the fifth name", she shares. Rest is history. She was crowned Miss Diva 2015 and represented India at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant. 



Rautela is not new to films. She made her Bollywood debut with the film Singh Saab the Great (2013) and then did films like Sanam Re and Great Grand Masti in 2016 and Kaabil in 2017. Her latest release Hate Story 4, a successful franchise which is releasing this year in March has all her attention right now. A revenge drama, the film has a history of being the female lead as the protagonist. There is a certain wave of feminism across the country right now, which is a part of the global movement and women are being more expressive, lot more fearless, lot more unapologetic, a lot more confident. Rautela agrees stating that she doesn’t fear any judgement coming her way in terms of her choice of roles and films. “I am a completely fearless person. I have no issues with anyone or their opinion of me. I took this decision and I stand by it. Being an outsider and one of the youngest Bollywood actresses, I am happy that I am being recognised for my potential and image. When an actress gets to play the lead of the film, it says a lot about the change in the mindset. The entire film is on my shoulders and I have worked accordingly.” The first song, Ashiq Banaya Apne which is already a hit number has a reinvented version in the film and it crossed 40 million views. “I am playing the role of Tasha in the film, a stripper who becomes a supermodel.  As a stripper, you need to get the body language right with sensuality and attitude. That is also a power representation of a woman. I like experimenting with dancing techniques and it’s very important for me to bring something new to the table. I thought of doing heels choreography for song. In Hollywood, Yanis Marshall does that and it’s really inspiring. I became the first actress to bring heels choreography to Bollywood. Another song that’s coming up is another hit song that was sung by Himesh Reshamiya and was picturised on Deepika Padokone. In this song, I have done Waacking,a form of dance from the 70s disco era.. None of the other actresses in Bollywood have done it before”, says Rautela. It was not easy for her to play Tasha, an intricately layered character. “It was exhausting and consuming to play a character like that. It’s my first female-centric film and I am really looking forward to the reviews. I got completely cut-off as far as my social life was concerned. I only attended events which were a part of my professional protocol”, says Rautela. 

As far as love is concerned, it has to be found in simple and little things for the Hate Story 4 actress. “ I am an anti-social person generally. Social media has created a lot of pressure in this day and age and coping with that is a lot of work but you get to interact with the world in a more flexible way. It’s a huge access that we have at present.” She is yet to meet her finest match but her man has to be chivalrous and intelligent. She shares, “I cannot be with someone who doesn’t know the basic things, for example, who is our President? I like well-informed people who know what is going around them.”

Apart from her untitled upcoming projects, she is eagerly waiting for the response towards Hate Story 4. She promises to continue dreaming big, obsessing over perfection and fulfill her creative fantasies.




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