Woman on Top: Elena Fernandes

1.  Elena Fernandes

Her head is in her books. She loves animals. She debuted in the Bollywood movie Kapoor & Sons.

Meet femme fatale Elena Fernandes, the model, born to a South American mother and an Indian father, who featured as a Kingfisher Calendar girl and bagged Asia’s Supermodel of the Year award.

An animal lover and a boring person is how Elena Fernandes would like to describe herself. With modelling never on her mind, it came up as a surprise for her when she was scouted, at a party. She climbed the ladder of success one step at a time and unfolded and realised that life is crazy and there is always a lot more that you could look forward to. She finds inspiration in every little thing that people do in order to change the world, which she herself strives to do one day. Currently, she is gearing up for a Bollywood project which is all set to release in the year 2019. Let us unfold what Elena brings in her treasure trove for us.



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