No Guts No Glory: Aayush Sharma

No Guts No Glory: Aayush Sharma

The showbiz and entertainment industry often come across as all things fancy, but dreams are made and broken at the box office every Friday. A new star is born and with it starts the struggle for existence. But, if you think the mounting pressure will weigh Aayush Sharma down, then you are absolutely wrong. Riding high on the success of his debut film, LoveYatri, Aayush stands by a holistic approach to fitness rather than only crushing dumbbells at the gym. He believes consistency, balance and moderation are the three golden rules to achieve any fitness goal. In his words, it is unfair to limit fitness to a mere routine and be hard on oneself. Whereas, it is crucial to enjoying the process to be able to sustain any regime for the long term and make fitness a part of your lifestyle. He is stepping up the game with his rigorous and honest workout routine. Aayush talks about his diet, importance of cheat meals, benefits of training under guidance, and a lot more. Edited excerpts.

Having a good physique is a prerequisite for the actors today. Do you think it’s justified?

The concept of a good physique differs from person to person. Some people prefer to be lean, while others prefer the bulk. For actors, the physique should be an extension of the character he or she is supposed to play on screen. An actor has to justify many roles, such as a hero, a villain, a comedian, among others. Depending on the role, I have to transform my physique. As a hero, I need to offer more than just acting to my audiences. I need to be someone they can look up to and get inspired. Although as an actor it’s always beneficial to have a physique that inspires common man. In the end, it’s a visual medium and looking good on and off screen always helps.

I try my best to take out at least one hour from my schedule to hit the gym every day. It maybe before the shoot or post pack up. By any chance, if it’s not possible to go to the gym then I do bodyweight training on the set to keep my muscles engaged. Fitness is a lifestyle and a habit, and once you adapt to it then it’s difficult to not train even for one day. I have 24 hours in a day and I try my best to dedicate one hour to fitness and the rest 23 hours to myself.

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