Raw And Real: Adah Sharma

RAW AND REAL: Adah Sharma

We have often come across the saying; “Appearances can be deceptive”, and couldn’t believe in it more, than the time we were face-to-face with the multi-talented actress, Adah Sharma. She charms you with her girl-next-door looks one moment, aided with an infectious smile; but also packs a pretty mean punch, much to our disbelief. A trained dancer, gymnast, and a rifle shooter, Adah is extremely passionate about her work. She believes in pushing her limits—be it with the diverse roles she plays onscreen, or the different fitness modules she loves to experiment with. In this exclusive interview, Adah shares her journey, workout routine, diet, and more. Edited excerpts...

From your debut Bollywood film 1920 in 2009, to exploring different platforms, including television and webseries, and transcending boundaries to work in the South Indian film industry, you have never limited yourself, creatively. How has the journey been so far?

I was very fortunate to get 1920 as my first film. The audience and critics have been very kind and supportive right from my debut. They wrote amazing things about me and even now, whether it’s a role I pick or something I wear on the red carpet, the audience always supports me. It makes me feel very brave. I wore a newspaper dress on the red carpet, sneakers with a saree, and through all this, even the fashion critics have been kind… In south also, I’ve received a lot of love, and all my south films are dubbed in Hindi, which a lot of people in the north watch. I also did a Punjabi music video, Life that got very popular. I feel lucky to be loved by people from all over India.

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