The flip side of Shruti Hassan

The flip side of Shruti Hassan

FHM: From Luck to D-Day, you have constantly experimented with roles and have come out on tops. Which genre are you most comfortable doing?

Shruti Haasan: I am actually comfortable doing any genre but what I love a lot is either intense drama or extreme comedy. \

After Gabbar is Back, tell us which of your co-stars are the most fun to be around on sets?

I can’t really choose like that. Although I must say that working with Akshay Kumar was amazing because he is one of the fittest, funniest co-stars one could have. Having said, I can’t really pick. Because there is a barrage of co-stars in South cinema as well and I don’t want anyone to feel bad. I love everyone equally.

Imran Khan, Arjun Rampal, Akshay Kumar… who is the most methodical actor? Wittiest in terms of sense of humour? Most intense actor?

Talking about being a methodical actor, I really can’t define as I am not a movie critic and I hope I never become one. Everyone gives it their cent per cent to every project

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