Looking Beyond Imperfections: Nushrat Bharucha

 Looking Beyond Imperfections: Nushrat Bharucha

You have lived in Mumbai all your life, tell us about the most fun you have had in the city. 

I can’t live in any other city but Bombay. I absolutely love it. I have grown up here, I have my entire family and friends circle here. But more than that, it is the life in this city that is breathtaking. I went to Jai Hind College, thus, travelling by train every day was such an amazing part of my life. Just to walk around, go to Nariman point, go to Priyadarshani park, the list is endless. I live in Juhu, so the Juhu beach is one place I’ve always gone to and hung around with my friends at Bandstand and Carter road. I have eaten at every stall and walked around every street aimlessly, especially during the rains. This aimlessness of just exploring the city for me was the most memorable experience growing up. 

You are not an alien to the world of acting. Your father, Tanvir Bharucha is a renowned theatre actor. Was it him who inspired you to take up theatre and eventually acting in Bollywood?

My father has been very artistically inclined. He paints well, draws well, loves music and watches movies and theatre. He is so rich in his experiences when it comes to art, that it got inculcated in me from a young age. I would definitely give him credit. If he hadn’t opened up my mind in the way that he had experienced art, I don’t think I would have taken that much interest in acting. It was my father who took me to my first theatre workshop and told me that I should try it and just have fun with it. Who knew I would eventually be an actress and work in plays and films.

Having done theatre, if you were to compare it with the film industry, is acting on stage easier or difficult as compared to acting in films?

Acting in theatre and acting on stage is far more difficult than acting in films. To portray a character live in front of an audience, without having any retakes and time for preparation scares the life out of me. I have done a few plays where I played smaller parts, which didn’t scare me much. The real acting job is when you play these amazing characters from start to finish and get to do various activities on stage and make sure to get your cue right or not block anyone. I don’t think I could be on stage anytime soon, I need a lot of practice.

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