State of Sisterhood

State of Sisterhood

In its extensive and eminent history, the fashion industry has mostly represented only one standard of beauty. From advertising campaigns to fashion shows, brands in the past have traditionally steered towards models of a typical body type, age, and ethnicity – but it is a fact that the world is a far richer platform. Our cover star and Canadian and Japanese model and actress Kalista Itakura aims at leaving an everlasting impression by breaking the boundaries to let creativity shine through.

She is the newest modelling sensation making waves in the industry, wowing the runway, and acing her acting game when her soul meets with the likes of the right role and script. Kalista is fearless when it comes to going out of her way to stand tall by her passion for her art. She shares her views on inclusivity, modelling, fashion, and plans for the future, in an exclusive interview. Edited excerpts follow...


What is your most embarrassing childhood memory?

As a child, I loved koala bears and often thought that they lived in Canada. When I got a chance to move to Canada, I was super excited to see them in real life, but little did I know that is far from the truth. I later got to know that koalas are from Australia, and I was so embarrassed.

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