Decoding One Night Stands

Decoding One Night Stands

There’s no reason to feel like a dawg if you itch for a little lovemaking over the weekend and hit a party with that intention. Chicks dig one night stands as much as guys do. They are healthy, work wonders for your self-esteem, and come without the baggage that weighs relationships down.

Rudiments of Seduction
Of all moving creatures in the world, men have the most sophisticated and organised mechanism to look for a mate. But in the current case, you’re not looking for a life partner, just a sex bud. So, you might want to sway away from your textbook routine while approaching a lady. You are less likely to find a single dame sitting in a bar, waiting to be picked as they show in the movies unless she charges money. Best is to put the game theory to use like Russel Crowe in A Beautiful Mind. Break a conversation with the lesser attractive woman in the group who is less likely to reject you. When doing this at a wedding aim at the bride’s friends instead of a family to avoid future complications. 
Make sure both of you are on the same page and she doesn’t start dreaming of a happily-ever-after ending.

Roof Over Your Head
Once a colleague met a gorgeous woman at a party and they hit it off pretty easily. Both were drunk and weren’t looking for anything serious. The guy decided to take her back to his place, which happened to be a good 60 km from the party venue. On the way, the two got to keep the conversation going and an hour later, while still in the car, the idiot fell in love. Not the idiots, just the idiot. What followed was a drunk cheesy confession, an awkward silence and him going back to ‘his’ place all by himself. If you stay close to the place you meet your lady for the night, you’ve nailed it right on the head. Travelling for a few hours just to be together may become tiresome and your conversations may dangerously shift to personal shit that may evoke emotions (both negative and positive), and this may kill the perks of a one-nighter. 
If you have creepy roommates suggest going to her place instead. Making her feel uncomfortable is not what you want to put out in the universe (and in future references). Also, don’t offer to take her to a hotel room.

Imply, Don’t Say
When you are still in the wooing round flirt with her, but not too much. Looking too desperate makes a negative impression and may scare her away. Lean in and whisper in her ears, dance with her, use sexual jokes and innuendos. This will help seal the deal with your partner; if she’s interested she’ll encourage you and if she isn’t you’ll get to know pretty obviously. Remain subtle and hard to get, but don’t let the flirting stop or you might fall into the notorious pit of no return, the friend zone. The key is to throw as many obvious suggestions as possible but stall the urge to say it out loud. “Let’s go and have sex,” might sound disarmingly appealing to you as an ice-breaker, but trust the universe, not to the ladies. However, after a few successful suggestive remarks and some encouraged cursory physical exploration, this might sound sexy. Just don’t turn the logic button off!

The Real Deal
This is the part that needs no tutoring. After all, this is what you have been striving for all through the evening. So have fun! Here’s a person who’s not here to judge or form an opinion of you, so let your horses loose and be yourself, just the way you like it. Try all those moves that you’d watched in a movie or read in a freak flagged book, for this is the start and this is the end too. But make sure you have the permission to take a plunge into the crazy Fifty Shades of Grey manoeuvres. Don’t think about satisfying just yourself, keep up the balance and showcase your best moves. Because if she likes them you may not have to wander in random parties for consequent weeks’ ration of sex, for here’s your own BFF with benefits.

Tequila Sunrise
You guys had a lot of fun at night and up comes the sun the next morning. This is usually the most awkward part of the escapade. The gun’s been fired, the booze has diluted in your system and there’s nothing left but to say goodbye, preferably in the most nonchalant way possible. If you are at her place, don’t linger around for breakfast. Make your exit sweet, simple and quick, with a “I had a nice time.” Do not commit to doing it again if you really don’t intend to. Contrary to how you have been prepared for social meetings this one does not require formalities like these. Don’t ask for her phone number out of guilt that you slept with her and now have a newfound responsibility towards her. If you guys were on the same page at the start, she won’t expect you to undergo such niceties. She had fun too and would like to move on just like you.

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