Don't Stop At One

Don't Stop At One

You must have heard of the phrase, two’s company, three’s a crowd. But have you heard of throuples? Breaking the conventional thought that a relationship consists of only two people, throuples are here to prove that three—yes three—is not an unlucky number. Not to say that an affectionate connection between two individuals is wrong, but there are different types of relationships that one can have, and the new entry in the lot is throuples. First things first, we would like to enlighten you on what exactly is a throuple-hood. It is a committed relationship between three people with mutual and balanced consent. But mind you, it does not open doors for having sex with people who are not your partners. Throuples comprise of individuals of any gender and any sexual orientation who choose to be with each other. After all, love is love, right?

In India, the concept of being in a relationship with someone if you already have a partner was considered cheating or often called a love triangle. As here in India, romance only seems successful with a big fat wedding which promises deep-rooted loyalty. Thus, throuple stands nowhere. “India has a strong belief in marriage being the basis on which people settle themselves. Coupling in our country is assumed to be based on love, respect, and responsibility. Throuple, on the other hand, is a display of one’s sexual preferences and that too for a society entrenched in its culture. It will be too much to accept this alien concept,” says Dr Prakriti Poddar, an expert in mental health.

With all its boons and banes, throuplehood could make the relationships a little harder to survive, as its ingredients are completely different from a regular duo. The main key to maintain a healthy balance in this relationship is to accept the barrier, which society is yet to welcome. According to Manavi Khurana, Counselor at Karma Centre, “People don’t accept themselves as a throuple. This could be because of the amount of struggle associated with the coming out. I also feel many people tend to raise questions about the authenticity of the relationship.” However, a major drawback hindering such relationship is the lack of stability.

To keep the ride smooth it is important to maintain the equilibrium. Initially, there’s the envy element, a potential symptom of a three-way relationship if one individual feels that there is biased attention or care. The most ideal approach to maintain a strategic distance from this is to have everyone voice their needs and worries at the beginning of the relationship—and be straightforward if and when those necessities and concerns change. Second, with regards to struggle, having a third individual in a relationship leaves space for favouring one side—an unfortunate move that brings the relationship on shaky grounds. Last but not least, like in any relationship, a throuple requires a lot of interaction so that everybody feels heard and nobody feels alone.

Different people with different mindsets in your life will give you a different outlook and let you experience a mixed bag of emotions. Staying with different personalities will also give you options to choose from, in your highs and lows. You can hang out with them, party along and as long as they are onboard and are willing to put in their best, no one can stop your throuple to rock the rave.


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