Gatsbying: The Latest Dating Trend

Gatsbying: The Latest Dating Trend

The millennial dictionary adds new terms by the second. And if you have been ghosting people before it became cool, you are guilty of Gatsbying. Read on to know how.

What is Gatsbying?
Our social media feeds are a strategically planned extension of ourselves, the extension we want others to see. Coined by an Australian model, Matilda Dods, Gatsbying is when you post a video, picture or selfie to social media purely for a love interest to see it. For instance, you find out that the person you like is crazy for dogs and you happen to have an adorable dog. The stage is set. You just have to subtly (not really) upload a story of your dog and anticipate a reply from them.  The term has been taken from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby

Like Jay Gatsby
Remember Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby? He threw extravagant parties in the hope that Daisy Buchanan would attend them and like him back. Millennials are in the pursuit of the same attention. We upload pictures, snaps and stories to send across a message. We take our parties to social media and wait for that one view or like followed by a conversation starter reply. 

Why Gatsbying?
When you like someone, you want them to notice you, to know how you feel and eventually reciprocate your feelings. Like everything else, catching your crush’s attention too has gone digital. Without being upfront about it, millennials test the waters through Gatsbying. It is all fun and games until you become too obsessed and keep checking if they have seen the picture or the video and wonder why have they not sent you the much-awaited message?

Gatsbying is like playing with the fire.

So, do they find me attractive? Post a picture or Instagram story and find out. 

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