Heightened Fantasy

Heightened Fantasy

Couples who dress up together stay together? Maybe not, but it’s still a lot of fun while it lasts and here’s why pretending to be someone else in the bedroom is ripe for young love. The early days of any long relationship are a match made in heaven, but all goes well only while it lasts. Often the same old regimen of doing things or may we say, the craft under the sheets the old school way, loses its charm. To spice things up, couples indulge in cosplay.

Now you might be wondering what the hype about dressing up for lovemaking is all about. But do not worry as team FHM is here to tell you all about it, as we speak to couples who have tried it and share their experiences. Cosplay, the blending of “costuming” and “play”, shares superficial similarities with fancy dress, but its proponents say the two are quite different. Cosplay comes from Japanese influence. It began with computer game characters and was about becoming those characters. But it takes it up a notch, where you strive for accuracy by looking at every piece of detail of the character.

When you engage in a fantasy, you probably draw your partner in by saying something like “let’s pretend that…” But with cosplay sex, you actually feel like you are the character from the get-go. So you’re not only dressed up as that character, but also embody that role from foreplay to climax. There are no stats on how common cosplay sex is, but it seems to be rising in popularity along with events where people engage in standard cosplay, like Comic-Con and anime conventions.

If those who play together stay together, these dressed-up duos are playing for keeps. Meet two couples who transform into the sexy, fantasy personas of their favourite comic book, video game, and movie characters, and heat things up in the process.

We speak to Rahul Singh, a 24-year-old, social psychology student. He had no idea what she looked like when he met her, he says of his girlfriend. Whom he first spied at a theme party in 2016. She was in a full costume as Marvel Comics character of the Black Widow. Coincidentally, he was dressed as, Captain America. Happily, when he saw her unmasked on Facebook that night, he thought she was gorgeous.

“After dating for two years we decided it was time to take our love for costumes into the bedroom. That’s when we picked out our costumes once again and were thrilled to be dressed to undress. The foreplay was the best and got us closer to each other.  As things progressed, the characters helped us take the night forward, let me tell you we had unmatched chemistry that night. It definitely took our relationship to the next level of trust, comfort and sync. I would recommend couples who are looking for ways to spice things up, then cosplay might just be the solution,” said Rahul.

It’s pretty simple, really, if you have an active imagination, love to pretend, and dig the idea of getting it on while imagining you’re someone (or something) else, cosplay sex could be a fun and satisfying thing to try. 

To further our discussion on this topic, we speak to Kritika Sahay a 28-year-old entrepreneur, who comments on her relationship. “I have been married for five years and things began to change for me and my husband. It was as if we were losing the charm that once never even let us out of the bedroom for three straight days. I also think that the added work pressure and stress affected our physical relationship adversely. Often there were sleepless nights, and the dry spell went on for almost four months. I knew something had to be done,” she said.

Kritika further goes on to say, “I am aware that cosplay is not really relevant in our society and might even be frowned upon as a kink by some. But it was a choice that I had taken to reignite the spark in my love life. My husband and I love fantasy movies and dressing up as a witch and a wizard did unravel our sexual powers. Dim lights, fine wine and lots of candles were set in place to create the perfect ambience and as the night passed, we were closer than ever. Couples must take note, that even though they might be hesitant to try it out at first, with the added prejudices set on this concept, they must give it a shot, but with their partners' consent, of course. Now that my husband and I have had a taste of cosplay and the prowess it holds, we don’t think there is any looking back for us.” 

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