Hunger Pangs

Hunger Pangs

One great thing about being a millennial (and growing up with the Internet) is our attitude towards sex, and the willingness to experiment and try something saucy. Although we have been mixing all kinds of pleasures with each other for quite some time, for some reason, we have a certain aversion in mixing food with sex. Now, we are not saying that you defile a pie or some other sweet confectionery (Remember Jason Biggs from American Pie 2?). Rather, try involving food in your love making regimen. Why would anyone do that, you ask?

Well, for starters, it is extremely hot and steamy. Aakash Jain* a copywriter with a leading advertising firm says, “It certainly spices things up in the bedroom. Sex is supposed to be messy and fun, and adding food in the equation is certainly a way to turn things up a notch. Moreover, licking things off of your partner’s body, be it from their backs or belly, feels great, as if we are getting to explore something really special. My partner actually enjoys the ticklish feeling while I am at it.”

Dr Manushi Thadani, a sexologist and counsellor based in Noida agrees. “Indulging in such activities, wherein couples explore different facets of their coexistence, increases their bond. Going beyond the regular activities in a manner where both the individuals are comfortable, apart from being fun, is immensely satisfying and healthy for a relationship.”

Seems alluring, alright. But, apart from just smearing stuff and licking it off of each other’s body, what else can one do? Well, for starters, as Aakash* explains, make fun games. “My partner and I will start with something simple. We take a cherry, with its stem intact, and try to pass it between each other while kissing.” Eventually, someone will be tempted to just bite the cherry, releasing the juices, which adds another dimension to the kiss. One other game that can actually be fun is to tie a knot with the stem. Adhyan Arora, a lawyer with an NGO has a different approach. “We try something called Nyotaimori or body sushi, but because my girlfriend does not like Japanese, we try it with other dry foods. We arrange the food on each other, taking turns and then eat it, without using our hands,” he says. Spaghetti is something that can be tried as well. “We will cook spaghetti with some pureed tomatoes. Then season it with salt and feed each other using just our bare hands and mouths. Sure, things get a little messy and dirty, but that is the point. Just make sure you don’t ruin the bed sheets,” he adds laughingly. He also lets us in on a little secret. “Once you are done, try to have a bath together, especially if you are staying in a hotel and your bathroom has a bathtub. That definitely leads to another round, as long as you play your cards right,” he says.

Since it involves a number of senses, food is a glorious addition to bedroom shenanigans. And because it offers a broad range of possibilities, from something subtle, like feeding each other, to something hardcore, it suits every taste and relationship. What one needs to consider is how comfortable one’s partner is trying stuff out. If all goes well, you will find something new to look forward to. If not, well, you have a funny experience to look back and laugh at.

Play it Cool and Safe 

Ice Cool: Playing with ice can really stimulate your partner. Just ensure that you keep it all above the waist, otherwise, both you and your partner’s instruments may refuse to work. Alternatively, have a cup of some warm minty tea before going down on your partner. The icy cool breath is great to heat things up down there.

Ain't No Sugar: As sexy as it may seem, using food with sugar such as whipped cream or chocolate may cause troubles, especially when used around your crown jewels. Best to keep it above the waist.

Spicy Dilemma: We don’t need to tell you why you should avoid putting something spicy down there now, do we? It’s better to let your moves bring the spice between the sheets.

Clean Up Before: If you are going to really go for it, have a proper, and thorough bath before you get that jar of Nutella out of the refrigerator. There are certain things that you don’t want to mix.

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