Pop goes the myth bubble: Myths about your S.O.

Pop goes the myth bubble: Myths about your S.O. 1

"She’s killed my space"
You’re in your office working like a dog on a leash, and every 15 minutes your phone does a subdued vibrating stunt on your desk. You finally get the time to check and there are 15 messages from your lady, starting with a generally forward and finally graduating to a police-custody-like reprimand to call back as soon as you see them. This may sound like an attempt to kill your space, but matters usually reach such extremes due to our own ill-fated contribution. 
We are so used to making stories up before them that after a while even women know they’re made up, thus earning the right to be nosy on our whereabouts. Don’t forget, it’s not just women who are suckers for attention, and deep down we know it. We equally enjoy the attention we get, and it’s good for a healthy ego. So, don’t push things too hard. Who knows, she might just be checking on you while doing something of her own on the sly!

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