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Perfect Gifts For The Ladies In Your Life

"What do women want?” Men are always unable to answer this age-old question, and during the festive season when it comes to buying her something; unfortunately, they fail spectacularly yet again. Surprisingly or not, men also wish to get their mothers the ideal present to thank them for everything she has done. They also feel like overawing their sibling with a gift that proclaims her sisterhood, and the love between the two; and of course, pampering their lady love tops this list. But the struggle starts and ends at the same point, as for them, gifting something to their women is synonymous to anxiety and tension. In order to answer this persistent question, we have curated a list of few exceptional gifts that she will adore, and will not stop praising you for a lifetime.

For the supportive one
Give a clear indication to your mom, sister, girlfriend, or best friend that she is truly your strength with an elegant neckpiece. The pretty little piece can be either crafted with a special gemstone, or can even be customised by getting their names engraved on the same. Such a unique gift will undoubtedly make them realise that they are truly your backbone. Make sure that she likes accessorising and will adorn it with grace. 

For the workaholic
There is perhaps no better gift than a neck support that you can give to someone who is constantly busy with her work, and travelling across the globe because of it. A neck pillowcase is not only comfortable, but it will also protect the sleeper’s skin from creasing due to excess stress. Also, for someone who does not take care of herself, in the long run, the pillowcase will help in preventing split ends and broken hair. So, why not add to her beauty with this relaxing gift. 

For the reading and writing lover
With the potential to inspire creativity all year long, a journal is the perfect present for someone who loves to read and jot down her thoughts on a piece of paper. Be thoughtful and pick a diary with lots of pages, so that it does not fall short when writing any thought, artwork, idea, or adventure story that pops in her mind. This will make her feel that you value her thoughts. Add a bit more to this gift by writing a heartwarming personal note, or maybe adding a hand-made bookmark. 

For the fitness fanatic 
If the significant lady in your life is a fitness enthusiast, then there’s no better gift than an annual membership to a gym or any other fitness programme she would love to be associated with. Treat her athletic side with a membership card so that she can burn the extra calories she might have gained during the festive season. This will help her get back in shape, and enjoy herself at the same time. Not just this, you may also present her a pair of flattering leggings. A comfortable pair of joggers which are sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and of the perfect fit.

For the avid traveller
Whether or not the woman you are shopping for has any holiday travels planned, the passport is one of the most important document, which should always be in safe hands. You certainly do not want her to lose it while on a vacation, so how about a customised passport cover? It will keep her passport safe and will work just like a book jacket by protecting it from wear and tear. Another point which will help you filter the options is the appearance. If the important woman in your life is a little careless, then vibrant colours will help her locate it easily amongst all the luggage she will carry. Otherwise, a diary look cover is a classic option.
For the fragrance lover
Giving the gift of scent is a truly personal affair. After all, every time she sprinkles it on herself she will certainly remember the one who gave it. This season, gift the special woman in your life a fragrance of your choice that matches her personality. This will give her an idea of what you think about her. Furthermore, diffusers have been long loved by women of all ages. If your woman is someone who loves to fill the home with fresh aromas, a gift crafted with small additions like flowers embedded into the wax is perfect. 
For the active listener
Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, right? We say, wrong. This time, think beyond diamonds and buy your special lady something that will be her true companion through good times and bad. We are referring to a portable speaker, along with pre-loaded songs from different genres. Music is an emotion, a memory, and so much more. An assortment of various melodies will help her unwind after a tiring day, or dance to the tunes on a party night. Being portable and multipurpose, such a gifting option might even become her partner in crime, you never know.

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