Frothy Issue


“Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy”- Benjamin Franklin

Nothing can beat the joy of having a chilled beer on a hot summer evening. But did you know that your pint of happiness boasts of a history as rich as the great pyramids of Giza?

1.3 seconds: The amount of time it took Steven Petrosino to drink a litre of beer, making it the fastest beer chug ever.

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3500 B.C: The period to which the first beer recipe found in Sumeria(Iran) can be dated.


143 Litres: The average per capita consumption of beer in Czech Republic, making it the largest beer consumer in the world.


20%: The year on year growth of Craft Beer sales in India. 


400000 cases annually: The size of the imported beer market in India (annually). 


1040 A.D. : The year the oldest operating brewery was established in Weihenstephan Germany


67.5%: Alcohol content of the strongest beer in the world, Brewmeister Snake Venom


1000 USD: That’s how much you have to pay to buy the most expensive beer, Belgium’s Vielle Bon Secours.

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